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The organization specializes in four main areas of activities: 

  • development and engineering
  • manufacturing and service
  • trading
  • turnkey delivery of technologies
and three areas of supplies and services:


Business activities focus on multiple industries (e.g. chemical industry, petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, energy sector, mining industry and, recently, data centre cooling and TZB) and represent mainly supplies of pumps, compressors, cooling equipment, etc., while the development and manufacturing are virtually intended only for chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The main programme here includes industrial centrifuges, however, we offer a number of other technologies provided by other companies, especially dryers, evaporators, decanting centrifuges, crystallizers, etc.

The company's manufacturing know-how is based on long-term experience of key personnel in the sector and on very close cooperation with a number of foreign companies, specifically in the area of development, manufacturing and supplies of equipment.

In the business area, our company starts with extensive multinational cooperation and has a number of exclusive agencies, of which the following may be mentioned: Burckhardt Compression AG, Maintenance Partners, Okawara, Jaeggi Hybridtechnology AG and others.

Over the last few years, the company has also specialized in assembling supplies (packaging), for example, in the area of nitrocellulose production, modernization and pure tailor-made development and manufacturing of various technologies and processing of high-grade materials, e.g. HASTELOY, titanium, etc.



Solid and Liquid Phase Separation

The range of products includes centrifuges of our own design and production completed by other separation apparatuses from leading global manufacturers. Equipment is supplied either separately or as part of the supply of complete turnkey technology. More here.

Liquid Transport and Compression

The apparatuses themselves are manufactured by foreign partners, typically by globally renowned manufacturers. We supply either separation equipment or equipment as a packaged unit with accessories or as part of the supply of complete turnkey technology. 

Industrial Cooling and Air-Conditioning

Cooling equipment offered by us is solely manufactured by German and Swiss companies, with emphasis on quality and minimum consumption of energy or water. Equipment is mainly supplied separately, but also as part of complete turnkey cooling circuits.