Solid and Liquid Phase Separation

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Separace pevne a kapalne faze     Separace kapalne a pevne faze     Separace kapalne a pevne faze


Centrifugation is central to the technologies offered by the company to separate liquid and solid phases, with the main specialization in development and manufacturing of a variety of different types of centrifugal filters, both for standard chemistry and for pharmacy.
In cooperation with a number of foreign partners, this area is further extended by supplies of pulsation centrifuges, separators, decanting centrifuges, and special-purpose centrifuges (emulsion centrifugation, ultracentrifuges, etc.).

Other areas in this category involve crystallization (or thickening) and subsequent drying.

Last but not least, our offer includes unique technologies of our own production that combine centrifugation and drying within one process device called CEDRY (centrifuge-dryer).