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The roots of the company were set up by establishing an agency of the Swiss concern SULZER in Prague in 1978. Already at the time of its establishment, the sphere of operation of this agency covered the former Czechoslovak Republic and represented virtually all divisions of the SULZER concern.

The agency gradually extended its activities in the area of consulting and intermediation services, reaching a volume of intermediated trade of approximately CHF 10-20 million around the turn of the 1990s. The main commodities included textile machinery, miscellaneous chemical technologies, Diesel machinery, pumps, compressors and other engineering products.

The SULZER concern underwent the first restructuralization during the 1990s, which resulted in loss of some divisions and, on the contrary, development, for example, in the area of production for medical purposes - implants, cardiac pacemakers, artificial heart valves, etc.

The SULZER agency was transferred first to an identifiable entity and, in 1994, to SULZER Praha s.r.o.

The activities of the organization extended gradually: Outright purchase/sale, assembling some supplies (packaging), professional activities, etc. An identifiable entity was established in Slovakia and the area of sale of medical devices was also extended.

This trend continued in a relatively successful manner until 2000, when the second, very substantial, reorganization took place, resulting in a change to the concern concept. The SULZER concern substantially reduced its activities, sold a number of its traditional divisions and transformed its channels of commerce. This also affected our company SULZER Praha s.r.o., which was sold, after reduction and separation of some activities, to the existing management and its name changed to the current SULTRADE Praha s.r.o.

From the original SULZER concern, it continues to represent some divisions such as the compressor division, cooling division and partly the area of pumps; however, it profiled out a number of new activities and business activities over the last few years.

The SULTRADE company currently employs approximately 15 people on a permanent basis and reaches the approximate turnover of EUR 4-5 million.

A positive trend is gradual extension of productive activity and export of its own products, mainly to the western European states of the EU, Switzerland and Slovakia.

The company Sultrade Praha, spol. s r.o. holds two professional certificates of technical competency issued by the Technical Inspectorate of the Czech Republic.

These are:

  • Licence to install and repair dedicated gas equipment
  • Licence to install, repair and test electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres